Sandra Delgado

La Havana Madrid

La Havana Madrid is Delgado’s smash hit immersive documentary theater experience, complete with live music, based on the true story of the 1960’s Chicago nightclub, La Havana Madrid. Inspired by real stories of Cuban, Puerto Rican and Colombian immigrants who found refuge there, La Havana Madrid recreates a special time and place in Chicago history by immersing audiences in the lively music of that decade, from mambo to salsa. Throughout, La Havana Madrid also tells how and why Latinos originally migrated to the shores of Lake Michigan, only to be pushed further west – away from the lake – by the forces of gentrification and racism.

A masterpiece of writing and acting
— Chicagoland Musical Theatre Review
Heartfelt and fascinating
— Chicago Tribune

Time Out Magazine La Havana Madrid in the #3 slot for Top Ten Best New Plays of 2017
Time Out Magazine Audience Award for Best New Work
New City Magazine Top Ten Play of 2017
Alliance of Latinx Theatre Artists ALTA Award Winner for Best Production
Alliance of Latinx Theatre Artists ALTA Award  Nominee for Best New Play

Hundreds and Hundreds of Stars

Like millions of Americans, Clara’s days are consumed with juggling work and family. Recently divorced, she’s taking care of her tween-age daughter, her aging father – and paying alimony to her under-employed ex-husband. But in the midst of all that stress, she’s got something to look forward to: a long planned for trip to Europe with her daughter Stella.  In preparation, Clara, who immigrated to the US with her family as a child, decides to apply for full citizenship. She wants to be able to stand in the same customs line as Stella.  But when her citizenship application is flagged, it sets off an unfathomable series of events that threaten to force her out of the only home she’s ever known.  Timely and provocative, Felons and Familias asks challenging questions about our country’s most fundamental values.

Featured in The Goodman Theatre's New Stages Festival in September 2018